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about iron dawn

What is this about?

Traverse the vast landscapes of Egypt as Avaleighkhale “Ava”; an Egyptian Medjay.
Betrayed by love and thrown into an unknown world. She must now do what she can to earn back her place among the gods and survive the future which is unknown.

An open world, multi-genre game that will test your wit as much as your skill.
Adapt to your surroundings with a wide selection of skills. Survive. Strategize and lead your army. Gain knowledge through the ages. Adapt. Gain. Conquer.
Your choices will determine your path.
Desire? Revenge? Love? Sacrifice?

Which will you choose?

winner of the first competition

Zibusiso Mangena!! (Zee)

Congratulations on winning our very first competition. A short one-answer questionnaire that only 2 people got right.

Zee won 2 XBOX Live Gold 3 Month Game Passes and the great opportunity to be in the game. An outstanding young man with great humor, and a heart of gold. Welcome aboard! 

4K Wallpaper Just Dropped!

Chief Biopela and his astounding beasts peering over the desert

Official Iron Dawn:

Wantano Chief Biopela 4K Wallpaper

A delectable 4K (3840 x 2160pixels) wallpaper that is the first of the Wantano Series in the line of the Official Iron Dawn Merch. The 3 factions in the game and book genre each have their own unique style and interpretation. 

The beautiful African rooted Culture, Egypt in its Ancient glory, and of course the New Age that we live in today with a futuristic twist. Each Faction will have its own series of wallpapers that delve into the era.

Dimensions: 3840 x 2160pixels
© CyberStudios PTY (LTD) and CyberWare PTY (LTD)


The infrastructure

Behind every game there is a large amount of knowledge and technology that brings it together. I often get asked why Unity? Well to put it simply, I wanted any gamer to have the chance to play my game. I learnt to code in Unity and how to work the tools and UI – so why change?

Daz3D, has made superb advancements over the past year, especially in HD and PBR textures. With the ease of use and the new Unity Integration, making the characters have never been easier.

If anything SketchUp does not get the recognition needed, it is always Blender or Maya, 3DS Max, etc. But honestly I’ve managed to pull off exactly the same thing with a simpler application than wracking my brains with these large production scale software’s that boggle my mind.

I look forward in sharing my creations as I go along,  so stick around to see more!

unity logo
nvidia iray
Being a one person team is hard, track my development as I create Iron Dawn: Genesis in the Unity Game Engine

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